108 19th Street


Welcome to the PennsylvANIA MARKET

The Pennsylvania Market is host to an upscale food market with 6 kitchen stations, an international wine library, a courtyard with local food vendors and artisans, craft cocktail bars, and a balcony.

How we work:

Explore- When you visit, take a moment to find where you’ll be most comfortable. We have a wide variety of seating areas ranging from the outside courtyard, to the wine library, to a place that has a view of the game!

Choose- After you’ve settled you have the option to explore our diverse kitchen areas and visit one of our bars for a drink. As a self serve restaurant you are able to order what you want, where you want, whenever you want!

Relax- After you order from your desired location, bring it back to your table to eat, drink, and relax!